Meet the Team

We are a team of tech veterans with a large collective experience in the industry working for Nokia, Microsoft, BAE Systems, HP, Garmin, NSA, Continental, Accenture and other big players. From business development, marketing, design, machine learning engineering, data analytics to software development, we have a great mix of incredibly talented individuals. We believe the automotive industry is going the same way as the smart phone industry did where we were forced to move from a manufacturing to an ongoing service oriented mind-set. We believe we are very well placed to be able to help the industry weather that storm.

Lucian Horga Founder & CTO
Aurel Popirtac Software Architect
Mikko Pyykkoe Sales and Business Partnerships
Daniel Gratiot Design
Bogdan Muresan NLP NLU Engineer
Iuliu Horga Framework Developer
DR. ELMAR DIEDRICHS Machine Learning
Diana Horga Quality Assurance
Emmi Laine Marketing
Radu Vadan Framework Developer
Simonca Florin Framework Developer
Adrian Pop Framework Developer
Cristian Fati Framework Developer and Architect
Rares Bradi Speech Recognition R&D
RADU CHINDRIS Deep Learning Neural Networks
Vineet Singh Sales and Business Partnerships, India
DR. SIMON MARTIN Machine Learning
Gokul Krishna Srinivasan Director of Drone Engineering
Blanca Alonso Data Analytics
Narcis Ionathan Neamtiu ASR/NLP Engineer